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Discover Secret Strategies Used By Financial Experts And
Keep More Of The Money You Earn -- So You Can
Save Money For Your Retirement!

Limited Time Offer - Only $27!



If you've been putting off saving for retirement because:

* You don't have the money right now...
* Your employer doesn't have a retirement fund set up for you
* You're waiting to find a job that has retirement benefits
* You don't know how to set up a retirement account or 401K
* You feel you'll do that when you get older
* You'll do that when you find a retirement advisor you can trust...

Stop kidding yourself... because each day you delay COSTS YOU MONEY!


Because each day you delay is one less day your retirement money can
EARN money for you with the help of compound interest!


Are You Ready To GET SERIOUS About Your Budget and
Lack Of Retirement Savings?

Good, because you're in the right place.

Hi, my name is Liam and my partner's name is Gregory, and we hear
people complain every day about how hard it is to save money these

We understand the cost of living is getting too high. The constant rise
in prices will continue and there seems to be no end in sight. We hear
that most people do not have enough savings to maintain their standard
of living for more than a couple of months --- if they lose their job,
or are hospitalized with a severe illness... then they're in deep
financial trouble.

With that fact in mind...

We're here to help you with simple and easy to understand personal
finance techniques which are vital to helping you to save and keep more
of the money you earn. We're here to help you find ways to start saving
for your retirement.

Time flies really fast these days... And before you know it, you'll be
years older... So if you don't start saving money and investing it so
it grows before your retirement...you probably won't have enough money
set aside for retirement. That's why we created this website. We want
to help you and offer personal financial guidance just when you need it
most. If you feel confused about personal finance and want help to
build and keep the nest egg, then please read on.

Do you have a retirement savings plan right now?

You don't?

Then let's get started with what you need to know get on the right
track -- to saving the money you know you are going to need for in
order for you to enjoy your retirement.

Now if you are one of the lucky ones... and you do have a retirement
savings plan started -- good for you.
But, you and I both know rising inflation is eating away at the value
of our money. We all face the problems with rising prices for food,
gas, and living expenses... and if the prices keep rising you know your
retirement nest egg is not going to be enough. Just stop and think how
much prices for the necessities of life have risen in the last 5 years.
So what do you think will the cost of living be by the time you retire?
Will it be 5 fold or 10 fold or more?

All this doom and gloom talk is for a good reason.

We want to help you get ready for your retirement and do it in a safe
and secure way so that you can enjoy your retirement years -- and NOT
continue working through them! So with that in mind...

Are You Ready to Repair the Financial Problems That Are Constantly Hanging
Over Your Head?

Has this happened to you?

You go to your bank or financial institution to ask for credit or a

You nervously sit and anxiously wait for the results of the loan
officer's review of your credit report. You know your credit score
is hurting your chances of getting the loan you need right now --
you've had problems with paying bills and credit cards late and have
made some small financial mistakes in the past. But you're hoping you
will get the money you need right now.

When you get ready to leave the loan officer's office you have a sick
feeling -- you won't get the loan. As the loan officer escorts you out,
they say

"Sorry not this time..."

Your low credit score has hurt your chances of getting the loan you

And if you have made a few financial mistakes in the past (and who
hasn't?) -- it's not too late to start repairing your credit. Once you
know the right things you need to do to raise your credit score,
raising it is not hard to do, anyone can do it once they know how.

When you know the simple financial tricks on how to follow and stick to
a budget that works for you -- you'll start keeping more of the money
you earn.

We'll show you how much of your hard-earned money the credit card
companies are sucking out of you and how to put a stop to that, FAST!

And then we'll help you get started on a solid retirement savings plan.

Soon you'll know how what to do so you can build a stable portfolio of
investments for your retirement years. Once you download and read the
personal finance course -- you'll find it is easy to read and
understand. We can help you figure out a personal savings and
investment retirement plan you can live with. Soon you'll be making
better decisions about...

How to save and invest on a regular basis, and you...

Can Build A Retirement Nest Egg You Can Be Proud Of!

The critical factor on saving money is this...

Do you want compounding interest to be a factor FOR you or AGAINST you?

With credit card and related debt -- compounding interest WORKS HARD

With retirement savings plans -- compounding interest WORKS HARD FOR

That's why Warren Buffet, who started out as a middle class person
without any big salary became a billionaire! Warren sticks with his
"waste-not-want-not" attitude which has made him billions!

On the other hand... Donald Trump, a big spender who urges people to
"think and spend big" is not worth a fraction of what Warren Buffet
has. So which would you rather be?

Are You A Credit Card Master? Or a Credit Card SLAVE???

Did you know the average person has over $6,600 in credit card debit?

It's true, what about you?

Are you a credit card master or a credit card slave?

If you are a Master, then congratulations! You are the type of person
credit card companies HATE! Why? Because they don't make ANY MONEY OFF

But if you are a credit card SLAVE, the credit card companies are
ripping you off!

Each day they are stealing more and more money out of your pockets!

If that's true for you, then don't worry --we're here to help you.

Are You Playing The Credit Card Suicide Game?

Let's just suppose you know someone who has a credit card debit that is
a little less than average, let's say, $5,000. This type of credit
card suicide is almost criminal!

The person is paying an 15 to 18 percent interest rate on a
credit card.... They're slowly committing financial suicide.

This crushing debt will just escalate as the credit card company is
sucking their wallets dry! If they just make the minimum payment and
keeping the balance going up. Let's say he pays $150 a month on his
$5,000 bill. Assuming this person doesn't add anything to the bill and
he continues to make only the minimum payment, how long will it take to
pay off the bill?

Almost four years! The credit card companies will be sucking
approximately $2,000 in interest on the $5,000 balance. That's almost a
down payment on an inexpensive car or nice deposit on a 401K for your
Now double that with 2 credit cards or even 3 and you see where the you
can go bankrupt on the easy credit from the credit card companies --
using credit cards that way is financial suicide!

Is Your Money Gobbled Up By
Paying High Interest Rates
To Fat Cat Credit Card Companies?

This is why so many people who are in debt with credit card companies
find themselves working harder and harder these days and saving less
and less. The credit card slave usually has nothing in financial assets

Their money is getting eaten up -- making the card companies fat.

Consider how the dollars you spend (or don't spend) today can impact
your retirement.

Assuming a 20-year retirement savings plan and a 12% annual return,
every $1,000 you spend today equates to roughly $10,000 less in your
retirement fund. If you're a parent and you have young
children, consider that the $10,000 you might save (by spending $1,000
less) could be used for a college fund.

Or you could buy a less expensive car or van instead of a new
vehicle... and the savings of a quality used car over the cost of a new
one could be worth over $60,000 to your retirement fund -- and that's
with figuring just 16 years before retirement!

So let's talk about...

How Much Is Easy Credit Costing You?

With the average person carrying over $6,600 in credit card debt, and
with higher minimum payments on their cards and shrinking paychecks
what can you do? You can call your credit card company and negotiate a
lower interest rate!

The biggest problem facing credit card companies are higher
delinquencies because of the problems with the downturn in the economy.
The Payment Rate Index, which reflects borrowers ability and
willingness to repay credit card debt, has dropped. What that means is:
people are finding it harder and harder to pay off their credit card

So they just stop paying their credit card bills -- and ruin their

Many try to declare bankruptcy, but with the new national laws many of
the bankruptcy loopholes that used to erase or eliminate debt have been
closed. So you are still on the hook!

Credit card companies are willing to lower or even eliminate your
interest so you stay current and keep paying them. The last thing they
want you to do is stop paying. So they are willing to work with you to
help you get the balance paid. (There's more in the books below about

And did you know that...

Credit Card Companies Keep A Detailed Profile On You?

They keep your profile based on your purchases, details such as a job
loss or a divorce, and even the time of day you log into your account!
(Plus, they keep data on how often you've been late or missed payments,
the balance you carry each month, and much more. And many more details
to determine how good a risk you are.)

These personal details all determine the interest rate you are charged,
your credit limit, and if you are NOT paying your credit card bill --
when they should schedule a call from the collection agency!

Right now you can find out how to stop credit card collections and
reduce your interest rate to almost zero. (Please keep reading because
there's more about it in the books below...)

What's a better solution to this problem?

So in order to not get in trouble with credit cards it is best to stick
to a budget.

And only buy what you can afford.

Financial planners suggest a person creates and sticks to a budget and
give guidance on how to not overspend. Now let's talk about budgeting
and how to create a retirement savings plan. Why most people find...

Budgeting Is Very Hard To Stick To...And Almost
Never Works In The Real World!

Where the problem comes in, is you have to pay all your bills first,
and then once the bills are paid (hopefully) you have a little money
left over to put in the back or your retirement fund.

But it never works that way.

You promise next month will be different and that you will sock some
money away but a new bill comes up or the car needs repairs or an
unexpected dentist bill and all your good thoughts for saving go out
the window!

Or you end up having a medical emergency or lose your job and then the
credit cards come out to help you get through a credit crisis...


Why The Way Most People Budget Doesn't Work
To Save Money For Retirement

You need to change your budget plan and place a percentage of your
income into a savings or retirement plan each month BEFORE you start
paying any bills!

That way you are sure to stick to your retirement savings plan.

You want to pay yourself ahead of the government by setting up a
pre-tax retirement account -- like an IRA, SEP, 401(k), or 403(b). The
best way to do this is with a tax-deferred savings plan. We show you
how to understand what a tax-deferred savings plan is in easy to
understand language. Soon you'll know how to set one up and how to add
to your retirement savings plan with good investments -- it's in the

You'll be amazed once you do this how quickly your personal retirement
funds will grow!

How To Play Financial Defense and Use It To Save Money

When you know the little tips and tricks you can use to
understand how to play 'financial defense"!

You can reach your goal of a retirement where you are not stressed-out
worrying where the money to pay for every day necessities is coming

That is a fear many people have today.

Because they know that the retirement systems put in place by the
government are not sufficient to live a comfortable retirement

Discover The Key to Unlock Your Dreams of a
Retirement Free Of Financial Worries!

If bad credit or too much credit card debt is causing hardship in your
life, you can start repairing your bad credit report back to good
standing with our help. When a person makes a credit card or bad debt
mistake it is sometimes the only way we can teach ourselves a lesson.
This teaches us how to be responsible with credit. But a few financial
mistakes should not cause you to lose faith in yourself or have a bad
credit rating.

If you have a low credit score, a few strategic moves can be easily be
used to boost your credit rating. Once you follow the right steps -- it
is possible to rebuild your credit score and fix credit problems with
creditors, lenders, and landlords!

All it takes is the right knowledge and a little bit of your time and
following the steps in the guide.

Here's how to gain a 15 to 18% investment return on your money
right now.

How? By paying off high rate interest credit cards! If you invest in
the long-term return of the stock market with a normal rate of return
is about 9% over a year... So if you pay off your high interest rate
credit card debt, you are getting DOUBLE the rate of return an average
investor gets in a typical year!

So, are you:
* Planning on asking for credit or a loan in the future?
* Or having thoughts of wanting to buy your dream car, truck or boat?
* Do you want to get help from the bank to buy your dream home?
* Or start your own business or make a little extra money on the
* Or save more to have a more secure and comfortable retirement?

Do you feel like your Bad Credit Score or Debt
is holding you back?

Then please read on because we're here to help you and end your
financial worries..

We'll help you with figuring out your personal financing problems, how
to start a retirement savings plan and even how to clear up credit card
problems. We also have information in the course about how to
re-establish good credit and how to help you convince the credit
bureau's you're trustworthy.

We want you to imagine this...

How good you'll feel when...

You Can Leave The Loan Officer's Office With A Smile On Your Face With Money
In Your Pocket!

We want you to always feel confident that no matter when you ask for a
loan that your credit will be in good standing and the money you need
you'll get at an interest rate you can easily afford.
It's all about knowing how to play the credit game. And you can play
the game like a master with...

The Ultimate Money Saving Guide That Teaches You All The Secrets Personal
Finance - Simplified!


Here's some of what's included In The personal finance course:

Do you know the real truth behind the credit bureaus and your credit

* What is a good credit score, and when should to start to being
* Why paying your bills on time may still leave marks against your
* The 3 top Credit Bureaus and how to keep tabs on them
* The 4 ways a credit bureau looks at your history - and the
importance of each
* The three ways to boost your credit score (and they're not just
paying your bills!)
* Why small differences in credit scores have a huge impact on the
interest you pay
* The 7 most common mistakes that lower your credit score

Do you know the the right way to fix problems with your credit score?

* The 5 most common credit mistakes you can easily avoid
* Why having no debt may actually hurt your credit score
* How to dispute bad marks on your credit report.
* How to correct errors on your report and who to contact next!
* The REAL TRUTH about "FREE online credit reports!"

Do you know what to do about identity theft?

* The 3 ways to start building trust after a major credit disaster
* The 10 steps to protect your identity from thieves who may destroy
your credit
* The secret to setting short-term goals to repair your credit
* 4 essential steps when you're a victim of identity theft...take
them before it's too late!

Do you know what you should fear from credit repair companies?

* The five organizations that will help you when you're in over your
* The 6 common scams of credit repair companies
* How to use your bank as an ally in your fight against bad credit
* 5 ways to curb your spending habit
* How to cut down your spending without beating yourself up (it's
* When to consider declaring bankruptcy - and it's not what you

Do you know how to plan for financial emergencies, or losing your job?

* 4 steps to help you prepare for financial emergencies
* The secret to changing the way you think about money
* How to make paying your bills easier on yourself
* How to set your finances and retirement savings on autopilot
* When refinancing is the best option when you lose your job or

Do you know the truth about how lenders and credit companies work
against you?

* How to encourage a potential lender to look at you instead of your
credit score
* The advantage of being a student while trying to repair your
* The secret to handling student loans (and when you may be able to
award yourself a six month grace period on paying your bills)
* 6 great ideas for increasing your monthly income
* What you should always know before talking to a lender

Did you know that often just one phone call to the right company can
save you from getting a knock on your credit?

* One phone call may mean the difference between getting your loan or
being declined
* One phone call may mean getting the car that you desperately need!
* When to take out a loan to repay your debts
* How a simple phone call may help out your credit and prevent
* Which "cash advance" agencies to stay away from (or you risk
destroying your credit)
* The six ways to handle the stress of being in debt.
* How to get credit card late fees waived!

One thing we know about people who are in financial trouble:
They are often victimized by people and companies looking to make a
fast buck.
There are places that really will help you dig yourself out of the hole
and repair your credit score and we tell you where. But there are many
credit repair businesses out to exploit and take advantage of you.
You've probably seen their websites, and stores located around
town. Instant cash spells instant credit disaster for most people, so
please stay away from those rip-off places!
There are still others that hide behind the label "credit repair

Don't be suckered!

When you read our course guides you'll be let in on the unethical real
world tactics of lending and credit repair businesses who are trying to
take advantage of vulnerable people... and we'll tell you the
organizations who really are there to help you.

We'll will take you on a guided tour through the credit industry. You
will learn exactly why your credit rating may be low and exactly how to
begin repairing it starting today.
Reclaim Trust from Creditors, Lenders, and Landlords who only look at a

Financial advisors normally charge hundreds of dollars for their

Many people do not know how to select a credit counselor and a
financial advisor and how to pick a good one from a poor one. In the
course you will discover what to look for in a financial advisor and
how to verify their credentials. We'll help you from A to Z with your
personal finance questions. The course covers -- most everything a
person would want to know about personal financial savings, investing
in stocks, bonds and related investments. We cover the ups and downs of
investing in the real estate market and why you should invest in real
estate right now.

And we know our stuff.

Our writing and personal finance advice has appeared in such
prestigious places as the Financial Advisor Magazine, the New York
Post Sunday Business section. The co-author of the course is Gregory
Bresiger, and he is a career business writer and is well known in
financial circles.

The personal financial course also includes hot topics covered by many
of the top retirement investment authors, from how to keep more of the
money you earn to with proper tax investments like 401(k)s, to how to
invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and even how to buy and sell real
estate for more profit.

But here's the deal. Since we've already written all this information,
and it's all in one convenient course.
...We don't need a big pay day.

All our personal finance and credit boosting information is yours for
just $27.

That covers our costs for interviewing financial experts and creating
the course, and reimburses us for our time we invested putting together
this easy to use Personal Finance Course together just for you!

We want this course to be affordable to those who need it the MOST!
Now with your own copy of the course...

You CAN be OPTIMISTIC about Your Financial Future!

"Your Personal Finance Course"

(Plus Complete Audio mp3 Files!)

Limited Time Offer - Only $27!


You'll feel confident that when it counts, you'll have the knowledge
you need to get low-interest rate and secure an approved loan to
purchase your first home, a new car. start your own business --- and
We're here to help you repair your credit score and improve your
financial situation, not hurt it.

Just so you know, all the risk is on our shoulders. Because if the
information in our course doesn't give you a better understanding about
your personal finance problems and helps you to save more money for
retirement then email us and we'll rush you a refund of every penny you

Because, you're fully protected by our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Your 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Get our course and bonuses today and take a look so you can learn what we're
talking about.
Browse through and see if our personal finance and credit boosting tricks and
tips don't put you at ease, and they'll help you figure out a way to get
out of debt and stay out and help you to save more money for retirement too!

If our course doesn't live up to your expectations or... If at anytime
in the next two months, you feel the course wasn't a good investment,
just send me an email saying so. We'll rush you a refund no questions
asked and no hard feelings and we'll part as friends.
Either you'll feel a sigh of relief and get your bills paid off, and
get to watch your retirement fund increasing to a safe and secure level
for your retirement, or you'll get your money back and waste nothing.

The risk is all on us and it's time for you to make your decision.

Click the button below and take the first step toward boosting your
credit score and saving more of the money you earn for your retirement
right now!

"Your Personal Finance Course"

Limited Time Offer - Only $27!


When You Get Your Personal Finance Course You Get
Free Access To These Special Bonuses!!!

Bonus #1 - Credit Score Confidential

With the information in Credit Score Confidential you will
discover exactly how the credit bureau's do their business and how you
can protect your credit rating.

If you've run into trouble with your credit report or need help raising
your credit score this book will help you to understand how to do it

You'll uncover the right ways to gain their trust and how to reduce
your interest rate and delay payments if you need to during a credit
crisis. This guide is normally sold for $30 USD but as a bonus, it is
included for free with the Personal Finance Course. $35.00 VALUE


Arthur Laffer is a famous economist during the Regan
Presidency era. This audio interview with Mr Laffer covers the current
Obama economic politics. In depth coverage is reviewed about why the
current economic policies are failing to reverse the current economic
Mr. Laffer offers advice on how you can protect your retirement nest
egg and how you can increase the value and security of your investments
during these bad economic times.
When you order the Personal Finance course you get the Arthur Laffer
Audio file, a $97.00 VALUE INCLUDED FREE!

Bonus #3 - your retirement planning guide

Planning for retirement is a difficult situation when you are
unsure of what are the right things to do. With so many retirement
savings options available it is difficult to find the right ones for
you and your retirement needs. Covered are differences between"
401(k's, IRA, Bonds and Mutual Fund Investments. You will understand
why each is important and what will be the best investment strategy for
your long term retirement portfolio.
Investments in real estate are reviewed as well as the substantial tax
savings for owning a home. When you order the Personal Finance course
you get the Retirement Planning Guide $35.00 VALUE INCLUDED FREE!

Bonus #4 - home budgeting worksheets!

Home Budgeting Worksheets are included and help people who are
just starting out learning how to create a budget. Budgeting for
beginners is hard when you don't know where to start or how to list
your expenses and income.
These Home Budgeting Worksheets will work to easily get you on the
right path to keeping track of your income and bills you pay. When you
order the Personal Finance course you get the Home Budgeting Worksheets
-- absolutely free! $20.00 VALUE!



Total Value of Your FREE Bonus Package: $187.00!

You can download the Personal Finance course and all the bonuses
straight to your computer in minutes. Once you do, the tips and tricks
about how to keep more of the money you earn that inside the course
will blow your mind!

"Your Personal Finance Course"

Limited Time Offer - Only $27!


You Get Real Investment Methods
Guaranteed To Help You
Save More Money For Your Retirement
And You Can Be Saving More Within 1 Month!

So Why Don't You... Give Us 5 Minutes And We'll Have You On Your Way
To A Better Credit Score, and On Your Way to A Secure Retirement
Savings Plan!

This Special Price Won't Last Forever!!!

(downloadable PDF and mp3 audio files)

Ready To Maximize Your Retirement Savings?

Get on the fast track to saving more money for your retirement before
it is too late!

Click the button below to download your copy of the course and discover
how to keep more of the money you earn and reduce the income taxes you

Here's to a more comfortable retirement in your future!

Liam and Gregory

Risk Free Acceptance Form:

Yes, Please send my course!

"Yes! I want to discover the best personal finance strategies
to help me pay the least amount of taxes I can. I want to start saving
more money for retirement and keep more of the money I earn!

"Yes! I want to take advantage of your 60 day no-hassle
satisfaction guarantee so I can enjoy and profit from this personal
finance course!"
"Yes! I'm ready to order now!"...

"Your Personal Finance Course"

Limited Time Offer - Only $27!


We accept all major credit cards:

Visa, American Express, Discover, Mastercard.

We're so confident that this personal finance course and the bonuses
will help you make sound financial decisions. So all the risk is on our
shoulders. We're giving you a 100% risk free, money back guarantee.
That's right, 100% FULL Money Back Guarantee!

After reading the course materials and following our secret strategies,
if you don't save more of the money you earn, and understand how to
shelter more of your money for retirement, we will rush your refund
100% of every penny you paid. You absolutely have no risk and no reason
to hesitate!

This personal finance course is worth every penny you spend. Order now!
You get immediate delivery -- you can be reading and listening to the
course just minutes from now!)

P.S. Plus as an added bonus, in Credit Score Confidential Bonus, see
how easily you can get rid of your credit card debt and restore your
credit rating!
If you think your low credit score will stop you from getting the
things you wish for in the future don't wait. Get started boosting your
credit rating step by step today. Just scroll up to see how this
personal finance course can help you get that loan, new care or truck,
apartment, or job right now.

The money you save will pay off big returns when you retire!

Limited Time Offer - Only $27!



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